3CX NX32

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Use As 3cx PBX or 3cx SBC    

NX32 Preloaded 3CX and SBC

Software    Pre Loaded 3CX Debian
CPU    Intel Atom
Storage    32GB EMMC
Dimension    165*165*40mm
Warranty    1 Year
Color    Black
Concurrent Calls    16 to 32
No of Extension    100


Specially designed for 3CX to offer a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features right out of the box. Supporting around 16 concurrent calls with 100 users and built using the technology of the open-platform software PBX from 3CX. The Call4tel Nx32 is making installation and management of your phone system easier than ever. The new Call4tel Nx32 is the most powerful, performant and reliable appliance that 3CX currently supports, integrating smart features like the WebRTC based enhanced video conference, plug’n’play SIP trunk connectivity, state of the art anti-hacking module, and many more.

  • Easy switch between PBX and SBC
  • Os Layer Software to access 3cx
  • Cloud Managed Device (Ready to drop-ship the units)
  • Updates are seamless


  • Installation process done in minutes, minimum downtime.
  • Easy, Plug'n'Play installation of a wide list of IP Phones.
  • Supports more than 250 SIP Trunk providers from 50 countries, directly connected to the PBX or via the Internet.
  • The most secure built-in tunnel connection and anti-hacking module.
  • Extremely well priced, practically the most cost-effective Appliance on the market.
  • Take full advantage of the latest technologies with clear and high-quality codecs.
  • WebRTC based Web Conferencing, completely free of charge and included in the standard edition.
  • Extremely well priced, practically the most cost-effective on the market.